Graphics Speak

Sound & Image,  2012

Not only did Weng Nam Yap create his own short film imagery, but he also made his own soundtrack by using stationeries and tools that graphic designers frequently use, exploring the possibility of designing the imagery and sound by using the graphical approach.

P/S: Headphone advisable.

2012 – Filmhuis Uitgelicht 24, Den Haag

Rationale & the making process of the soundtrack:

“I am a graphic designer that loves music without knowing much about music theories, but I have the urge to compose myself one, then I came out with an idea to make sound by chance with a graphical and systematic approach.

I recorded the sound from different sizes and length from the tools that a graphic designer frequently use, such as paper, pencil, ruler, tape, keyboard, mouse, and printer. I composed it by sprinkling color paper dots that punched out from a puncher on a piece of graph paper in order to get the scores, and each color represents one sound.”

Copyright © Weng Nam Yap