Shizuku Tokei <雫時計>

Sound Installation, 2015

A sound installation inspired by the ice pillar and ice candle culture from Hokkaido. ‘Shizuku Tokei’ (雫時計, ‘The Dripping Clock’) was named, as the ice takes its own time to melt, generating a rhythm over which there is no control besides the warmth of nature. When you see water dripping, you see time passing and create a space with depth that is spatially contains you, as if the merciless time, time that never runs backward, as if an event often change a person, but a person is not able to change past event. Shizuku Tokei is setup in a Japanese-style room, borrowing the quiet atmosphere, audience are welcomed to be seated and able to listen to the subtle dripping sound from the ice.

2015 – Sapporo Tenjinyama Art Studio

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